The Purpose

The website of Cornerstone Stories was mainly created to offer a platform to create an awareness of the popular stories, fables, and parables of various cultures, which are hard to find on the bookstore shelves. Userc can create or contribute their own stories.

The Look

The website has been created as per the clients requirements. The website has been kept simple, but it has a colourful background. The website is successfully designed keeping in mind the target audience i.e., adults and children.

Parallax Scrolling and Flat Designs

Various templates were used for making the website. The website has a touch up of Parallax Scrolling. Flat Designs has been used for making the website.

Responsive Design

The website has been made responsive in nature. This means that the website supports any screen size irrespective of the device from which it is viewed. It could very easily adapt to any browsers and operating systems.

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The website development is accomplished using content management tools like Joomla. HTML,CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript has also been used as a part of the scripting language. The website has made a good use of tabs and pages within the website. The website also has taken the help of social media sites like Facebook.


Our Thought

All important project functionalities were incorporated after a thorough discussion with the client.Modularizing the project helped to complete it within time. Along with that, an intensive testing helped the designers and developers to determine issues relating to the project. After a thorough testing, the project was delivered to the client on time.


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