Social Mood Swing – the Purpose

The Social Mood Swing website has been planned as a way to observe the real­ time changes in social mood and the stock market so as to help viewers get an idea about varying trade decisions.


The Look

Because it is entirely about a lucid representation of data, the prototype has been kept pretty simple – a colorful representation of social moods in the form of 'emotions of varied hues' on a white background, which can help in the prediction of movements in the stock market.

Pageless Design

Our task, basically, was to include minimum content within a simple site, and make it engaging for the target audience. So, we decided to go on with a pageless design which can provide clear navigation and fluid movement.

Data Visualization

Infographic maps have been used for the purpose of data representation and visualization. SVG bubble animations have been employed to depict the changing stock market trends as well as the social mood swings that reciprocate to these changes.

Responsive design

Responsiveness is the prime thing which can help a website design adapt to the countless browsers, screen sizes and operating systems existing. To come up with a powerful, dynamic site, we picked up jQuery for development purposes.


Social Mood Swing sorts Twitter posts, which can predict and changes in the stock market. These changes are classified into six main categories of 'emotion' – joy, which is represented in yellow, fear in green, disgust in pink, anger in red, sadness in royal blue and surprise in sea blue. On the other hand, the stock market cloud has been represented in three colors – green for positive growth, red for decline and gold for neutrality.


Our Thoughts

Working on Social Mood Swing was a huge challenge. Because the incoming information is very much dynamic, our ways of working, too, had to correspond to this aspect. And, because the platform, as we were told, would be taking data exclusively from Yahoo!, we have chosen YQL for the development of the website. It was, by no way, a run­of­the­mill project. Yes, we have put in a lot of effort into this challenging task. And, we are proud to claim that we have been successful in every possible way.


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