A challenge of a website

Offers Africa, the revolutionary one-of-a-kind website, is an information repository of a range of products and services across Kenya. It provides discounts in the form of unique promotional codes which can be availed at brick-and-mortar stores. Offers Africa is a fresh new trend in shopping and lives up to its motto “Saving You Money Everywhere!”.

Creating the prototype

Our designers had taken up, with all enthusiasm, the information and guidelines provided to come up with the screen blueprint of the website. The aim was to create an engaging website that could serve as an informative portal as well as a convenient platform for some great shopping experiences.

Crafting out the logo

A logo is more than just images and words. It is a smart brand storyteller. Keeping this in mind, we had plunged into designing the logo of Offers Africa. After a lot of brainstorming we finally had a logo that could spell out the very purpose of the website with ease.

SEO strategies

We believe an engaging website needs to be rigorously optimized for better Search Engine ranks. A website's visibility, its online traffic gravy and the success of digital marketing efforts, all depend on how well an SEO strategy is developed. So, we did a thorough keyword analysis to come up with the most relevant of keywords, focused on creating quality back links and came up with original, unplagarised content.


This was the biggest call – to make the website fit into desktop and laptop monitors as well as the smaller screens of smartphones. Still and all, a responsive design was also an utmost necessity to make the site work without a hitch across a wide range of web browsers.


Offers Africa has been built using custom PHP and MySQL. At present, the site has listed over hundreds of Kenyan businesses which offer products from the fashion world, every kind of automobiles, events and happenings in Kenya, products for your home and garden, hotel room booking services, flight tickets, stationery items, books, gadgets and gizmos and even other tech items


Our Thoughts

Finally, we could successfully come up with a fantastic website for Offers Africa. The whole effort of working with this novel company was a really rewarding one. A lot was learnt in the process and a lot experienced. But, at the end of the day, the project really did come out fine. And today, Offers Africa, the website, shines upon the World Wide Web, live.


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