Shoes Online – The Online Footwear Hub

The name itself suffices the explanation. Online Shoes is an eCommerce website built solely for the purpose of selling shoes.

The Look

An eCommerce website is best when it can portray content in a beautiful way, and guide its visitors through the platform without confusing or distracting them. And, because WordPress is an amazing eCommerce solution, we decided to go on with it to build the website for Shoes

A Basic Background

White makes other things prominent. So, we decided to stick to this color for the background of the website. Images and text content were placed on this very background.

Content Positioning

Categories were placed on the right hand side and brands, on the left. The homepage has been made long scrolling so that the most relevant content is highlighted in prominent spots, and the rest on separate webpages.

Shopping cart

The digital shopping cart has been placed on the top right corner of the website so that visitors can easily view it during shopping or transactions. This is the most important part of any eCommerce website and always needs a good location upon it.


Shoes Online has been developed as a responsive website, keeping in mind how people these days, like to access the Internet on the go and shop online from any location on the globe, with any mobile device, and at any time. The resulting design is now live as a vibrant platform with highly optimized images and effectively positioned content – all decked up for the sake of an amazing user experience.


Our Thoughts

Finally, we could successfully come up with a fantastic website for Offers Africa. The whole effort of working with this novel company was a really rewarding one. A lot was learnt in the process and a lot experienced. But, at the end of the day, the project really did come out fine. And today, Offers Africa, the website, shines upon the World Wide Web, live.


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