Crafting out the Offers Africa website was a unique experience. It was a new concept we had come across. The surface was that of an eCommerce site, but the core was out-and-out about business listing. We had to build an engaging, content-rich, responsive site, and make it user friendly, easy to navigate, Search Engine optimized and yes, very, very grand. The logo had to be a storyteller in itself. And, it was a huge challenge, for, we were supposed to make it dynamic. The prototype was kept minimalistic, but it was, in fact, a complicated stuff. Also, besides website design and development, digital marketing for Offers Africa was over the top, too. Content creation needed brainstorming, and SEO, like always, was a tedious, time-consuming thing. Still and all, our amazing team successfully completed the project and handed over a superb website to its client.



Cornerstone Stories is basically a commercial website, dealing with well known fables and stories. Stories and story books are always loved by the young and the old alike. But now, most of the famous parables or fables, seems to be missing from the books. The website offers a perfect platform which offers to create a cross-cultural awareness of those well-known stories, fables or parables, by preserving them or contributing them down for the little ones. Users can create their own storybook, by assembling their favorite stories or they can also peruse the stories. Moreover, users can buy the story books also. The website has taken the help of only one social media platform, i.e., Facebook. Before designing the website a thorough consultation was done with the client. The client wanted the website to be simple yet an attractive one. So the designing team of Futuristic Bug went for a business template that contains a brush up of soothing colors in it. The website has made use of several tabs. For designing the website, web based technologies like HTML has been used. It has used Joomla as the CMS, while JavaScript is the scripting language. A live and well-formed website of Cornerstone Stories is now occupying a good place on the Internet today. With a highly satisfied client, helped us in getting a good feedback along with a good credibility report.



The website is basically a data displayer of stock market changes in real-time based on Twitter posts. Because it is more about data representation, a simple prototype was chosen. Social moods based on tweets have been presented as colorful bubbles with the help of SVG bubble animations. The moods have been grouped as 'emotions' – joy in yellow, fear in green, disgust in pink, anger in red, sadness in royal blue, and surprise in sea blue. Stock market changes have been represented as green for positive growth, red for decline and gold for neutrality. Because the content is less of text and more of visual depiction, a pageless design has been selected. Site navigation is neat and fluid movement has been facilitated. YQL has been used for site development. Overall, the project has been a success and a very good experience for us all at Futuristic Bug.




Seva.Me is a service management platform, which helps the owners of small business with their trade endeavors by facilitating enterprise level solutions. The website has been kept simple and minimalistic, only to serve as the face of the Seva.Me mobile application. Explainer videos have been incorporated to cut on text content and describe the app lucidly. Social buttons have been incorporated, too. These buttons redirect to the Seva.Me pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To make the platform robust, jQuery has been extensively used. Responsiveness of the application has been ensured so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, regardless of the mobile device used. And, as for the mobile app, tools like and Objective C has been chosen to build it. Of course, the results have been amazing, effective and client-satisfying.




We, at Futuristic Bug, call Shoes Online as the online footwear hub. It is an eCommerce website, which has been built using WordPress themes. A white background has been applied to maintain the prominence of the content. Categories have been placed on the right hand side and brands on the left. Of course, to maintain a dynamic view, we have used WooCommerce plugins that help in incorporating features like coupons, social triggers and rate shipping into WordPress websites. MySQL – the open source Relational Database Management System was chosen to manage content on Shoes Online. The digital shopping cart has been placed on the top right corner of the website to facilitate easy transactions and payment. Overall, the project has been a successful one, and has perfectly tallied with the preferences and requirements of the client.