A service management platform for small businesses

Formed in 2013, Seva.Me is a robust service management podium which helps small business owners carry forward their trade. This application has been built with a mission to facilitate enterprise level solutions for managing such businesses.

The Look

Because the concept is that of a web application, the site has been kept only as an informative piece, talking about the features of the app and providing a demo for the same.

Pageless Design

Pageless designs work great when sparse content needs to be included. There wasn't much that the website needed to speak about. So, we went for a pageless design with a top video background, followed by all the necessary information.

Explainer Videos

To cut down on boring texts, our client asked us to include a video demo content explaining the functionality of the app. Because the prototype has been kept very basic, incorporating this demo wasn't much of an issue. And, then, this very video has been broken down into bits to explain each feature of the app..

Social Buttons

Social buttons, directing to the Seva.Me pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, have been incorporated into the site to let viewers know about the social activities undertaken by the app owners.


Seva.Me is out­and­out an application that empowers small businesses. It helps owners easily manage routine engagements with customers, vendors, and partners – all under one platform. The amazing features of the web app include service request tracking, video sharing, work report management, and social media marketing via networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Our Thoughts

Building this web app has been a challenge. But then, challenges have always been a part of Futuristic Bug. The robust application now has an online face on the World Wide Web. Our preferred choice has been jQuery, of course, and we have managed to keep the website responsive to help users view the information, wherever, whenever.


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